I know how it feels to receive the news that you have breast cancer. It feels devastating . It feels like your worst fear has come true.

You might have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Or, perhaps you know a friend or loved one that has been diagnosed. Maybe you are just concerned about the possibility of getting breast cancer – as it is estimated that cancer will effect 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men.

Generally with the diagnosis, the doctor would recommend chemotherapy and radiation, as the treatment options.So as you look forward, you see a dark period ahead of you or your loved one, due to the known harsh side effects that come with this orthodox treatment.

The worst of it all, is that in most cases one is only guaranteed an additional 5 years of life after receiving the treatment.

It has been almost 10 years ago that I discovered the lump in my breast.

I was diagnosed more than 9 years ago with ductal carcinoma with a metastatic carcinoma in the lymph node. I chose not to follow the orthodox methods of chemotherapy and radiation suggested to me as the only option for healing by the surgeon who had done the biopsy.

I chose to follow various natural and alternate methods of healing and have outlived the prognosis of the surgeon. She gave me a maximum of 5 years to live, if I refused surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy.

Today I’m not just alive, but far more energetic than I was even 10 years ago.  Besides that I have also reaped so many benefits from going on this alternate healing journey. I feel more loving, at peace, and joyful today at 60, than I was at 45. In addition, the eczema that has plagued my entire body for more than 25 years, has also cleared up.

In this blog I am going to share the natural and alternate methods that I used to overcome breast cancer. Healing from cancer is not just about reducing the size of the tumor that you have. No, it is a process of healing the body, mind, spirit and especially your emotions.

Today I want to leave you with this – being diagnosed with cancer is not a death sentence. In most cases you have time to look at different options of treatment. Take some time, do some research and carefully weigh up all the pro’s and con’s of the treatments available.

I will be releasing a book in the very near future outlining in detail my journey from breast cancer to health. This blog will cover some of the information in the book, plus a wide array of existing and new information on this topic.  I hope that together we will be able to overcome this period that lays ahead of you, and help you to enter your new lease on life.