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In the video attached  I share my cancer healing journey with Chris Wark from

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and was told I had less than five years to live if I refused do conventional treatments. After educating myself on the pros and cons, I chose the alternate route to the conventional to heal from breast cancer.

During the first year I had a dramatic improvement in my health, but it took about five years for the major lump in the lymph gland under my arm to go away. Natural healing takes time!

Today I can truly say that I feel better and more energetic now at age 61 than I did at 45 !

I share in the video attached :

  1. Why I kept the breast lump a secret from my husband Bruce for a year [1:00]
  2. Exchanging a death sentence for a holistic approach [03:21]
  3. High dose IV Vitamin C [07:32]
  4. My anti-cancer diet [11:13]
  5. How long it took for me to see progress [14:51]
  6. The emotional changes I made [17:28]
  7. My advice to someone just diagnosed with cancer [24:31]
  8. How faith and music helped during my healing journey [28:57]
  9. Why you need iodine [34:28]
  10. The benefits of lymph drainage therapy in healing cancer [37:13]

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  1. sylas Rosemary August 4, 2018 at 1:38 am - Reply

    My sister lives with me and had a deadly cancer that almost took her
    life. She was very sick and spent lots of time in hospitals yet no
    solution was found, she had a chronic cough with blood and was always fatigued. She also
    suffered loss of appetite, weakness, respiratory infections, wheezing, she
    suffered major weight loss. The saving grace in all this is that her
    personality had not changed. She does get frustrated but mostly she has
    stayed her own sweet self. It is exhausting caring for her and working, and
    expensive but necessary to have help. I’m trying to keep her at home but I
    don’t know how long this will go on and her needs are increasing almost
    daily. She will be 58 in a few she was adjusting to the medications
    (chemotherapy,immunotherapy radiation therapy and so on), but they make her
    feel sick also. She had problems recognizing other family members and
    friends, and getting dressed. When the medication no longer helps, I
    searched for alternative treatment and I was introduced to Health herbal
    clinic, who have successful herbal treatment to cancer and Alzheimer’s
    diseases. I spoke to few people who used the treatment here in United
    States and they all gave a positive response, so I immediately purchased
    the herbal remedy for my sister and she commenced usage, she used the herbal
    supplement for only 3 weeks, all symptoms gradually faded away.

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