Healing  Breast Cancer  naturally depended heavily on healing my emotions.

Initially, I didn’t understand the close connection between the emotional health and breast cancer .

Emotional trauma, especially trauma before the age of four, has an  influence on our emotional well being.

Even if you don’t remember, the body does. And the body keeps the score.

It essentially gets shunted into the unconscious part of our brain which in turn gets translated into the biology and the nervous system.

This results in many chronic health problems and in my case eventually breast cancer.


The Brain controls all the Signals that are sent to the Body.

The brain allows the body to release certain hormones like melatonin to fall asleep.

Should the release of melatonin be interfered with, the resultant lack of sleep causes problems  with the lymph-clearing system. This switches on at night and detoxifies the brain and body.

Fear, hate, shame, and other negative emotions, cause limiting beliefs and stress. These play through into your thoughts, and your thoughts play back into your emotions.

These emotional and thought patterns radiate out into every part of your life.

Rewire your Brain to heal your Emotions and Breast Cancer

The good news is, you have the ability to rewire your brain. You can bypass the self-limiting thoughts,emotions and beliefs that keep you stuck.

Dr Caroline Leaf  (PhD) has been involved in medical research on the brain for over 25 years . She explains scientifically in her book “Switch on Your Brain” (58) how thoughts affects the brain functions.

“If you are concentrating on thoughts of fear, anxiety, self-hatred, rejection, guilt, condemnation, bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, rage, resentment and so forth – your brain is full of toxic memories that will make you sick.

Your hypothalamus is going to respond by producing insufficient or excessive quantities of certain chemicals which then become toxic and harmful for you and leads to the development of disease.”

She found that negative thoughts result in unhealthy looking brain patches. Positive thoughts results in healthy looking patterns in the brain. This in turn affects all your bodily function and, ultimately your health.

You can retrain your brain and change the thought patterns in the brain to assist in the return of health in the body and mind.

In this book she recommends a method she claims will detoxify the brain in 21 days.

The late Candace Pert Ph.d, neuroscientist and pharmacologist, and one of the pioneers of psychoneuroimmunology, states in her book “Molecules of Emotion”:

“The chemicals that are running our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion.”  (56)

It is clear that we should be giving attention to brain and emotional detoxification to stay healthy.

It’s is important to do this daily. The same way you would eat vegetables to stay healthy

Healing Stress and the Emotions to heal Breast Cancer.

The most powerful transformation in my life physically and emotionally  involved a radical change in mindset coupled with challenging of old beliefs.

Initially, I didn’t think that my emotional state could have been a major contributor to the breast cancer. I didn’t understand how negative emotions causes stress that depletes the immune system.

We know, that breast cancer thrives on a depleted immune system.

So how did I discover that emotional health is vital for healing Breast Cancer ?

Dr Herman Spies, an integrative doctor, made me aware of the importance of healing the emotional side during our first appointment. He explained that healing cancer is dependent not only on the physical aspect but that emotional healing is of utmost importance.

Dr Spies would present me after every consultation with a “Quantec analysis report”. It would list all the physical and emotional issues identified at cellular level.

As I  read through this report,some of the emotions started to  rang true in my life. I started to give closer attention to the emotional analysis as well as the applicable affirmations predominately taken from Louise L Hay’s book  “You can Heal your Life”.

But, it was only after I discovered “The Healing Codes Manual” by Dr Alexander Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson that I found a way to emotional  healing.

My book “Cancer Healed Naturally” will be available online very soon.

It  covers in detail every modality I used on my journey to heal breast cancer without chemotherapy.