In the video attached  I share my cancer healing journey with Chris Wark from

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and was told I had less than five years to live if I refused do conventional treatments. After educating myself on the pros and cons, I chose the alternate route to the conventional to heal from breast cancer.

During the first year I had a dramatic improvement in my health, but it took about five years for the major lump in the lymph gland under my arm to go away. Natural healing takes time!

Today I can truly say that I feel better and more energetic now at age 61 than I did at 45 !

I share in the video attached :

  1. Why I kept the breast lump a secret from my husband Bruce for a year [1:00]
  2. Exchanging a death sentence for a holistic approach [03:21]
  3. High dose IV Vitamin C [07:32]
  4. My anti-cancer diet [11:13]
  5. How long it took for me to see progress [14:51]
  6. The emotional changes I made [17:28]
  7. My advice to someone just diagnosed with cancer [24:31]
  8. How faith and music helped during my healing journey [28:57]
  9. Why you need iodine [34:28]
  10. The benefits of lymph drainage therapy in healing cancer [37:13]

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