Negative Emotions cause us to misinterpret our current circumstances as threatening. This causes our nervous system to go into a flight or fight mode, and therefore into permanent stress mode.

Anger, anxiety, fear, resentment, shame, sadness and  guilt are some negative emotions that can have a powerful effect on our wellbeing and cause constant stress in the body. Healing Breast Cancer naturally goes hand in hand with ensuring healthy emotions.


It is this stress that has been found to cause 95% of all health problems.

This constant stress affects our immune system and can lead to many illnesses, including cancer, if  not addressed

I discover the Healing Codes during my search in 2009 and used it as one of the methods to heal my emotions and my immune system.

The Healing Codes, by Dr. Alexander Loyd (2001), is a self-healing method that helps you to remove stress from your body. Practicing “The Healing Codes” activates your body’s natural healing centers in order to identify and heal negative cellular memories that shut down your immune system and keep you from optimal health.  The system uses a combination of techniques like prayer, meditation and affirmations.

My Main Negative Emotion – Fear!

I discovered through The Healing Codes, that my main destructive emotion was fear. This caused a tremendous amount of insecurity and anxiety, which turned into stress. Instead of enjoying good times, I would be waiting for things to go wrong,  expecting my present happiness to be derailed by difficulty, pain, sorrow, turmoil,  loss of finances and well-being

 Just before the diagnosis of the breast cancer, certain emotional symptoms were increasing in magnitude and caused me to be in constant stress. Fear caused me to:
  • Prepare myself for the worst
  • Hold back love
  • Be in turmoil
  • Experience excessive frustration with difficult situations
  • Think that others would take advantage of me
  • Be unkind
  • Not trust that things would work out for the good
  • Try to control everyone and every situation

The Healing Codes guided me to discover the root of the wrong beliefs that caused the fear and anxiety in my life. To do this, it was important to identify the event that had led to the wrong beliefs. (This is normally an event that happens before the age of five.)

Other ways to heal Emotions

There are many other ways that you can lessen your stress and change your mood. Hiyaguha Cohen (March 2017), at the Baseline of Health Foundation website, suggests some steps to take. Below is a shortened version of the list:

  • Use Affirmations.  The way we talk to ourselves greatly influences our outlook on life.  By consciously changing negative messages to positive messages, we can literally brainwash ourselves into a more upbeat frame of mind.
  • Use Prayer.  Praying takes the load off of ourselves and passes it on to a higher being who has the power to effect change for the better.  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
  • Exercise….  Any kind of exercise can distract the mind from its obsessions.
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal.  Write down five to seven things for which you’re grateful for that day. At the end of each week, review your journal. You’ll soon see that no matter how dismal your circumstances, you still have a number of things to cherish.
  • Listen to what you love.  Music has enormous power to energize and uplift.

Today I understand how important it is to limit stress and negative emotions in my life, in order to ensure happiness and health.

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