There are 12 fruits and vegetables that have been found to have the highest pesticide residue. Among them are apples, tomatoes, celery, strawberries, spinach, and potatoes, nectarines and  peaches. Contamination was found in a shocking 98 percent of the samples. Over 96 percent of grapes tested positive for pesticides.

This list is compiled by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.

Strawberries top the 2018 list of the Dirty Dozen. With a 98 percent contamination rate, strawberries had present as many as 22 different pesticides, in one particularly toxin-laden sample.

The pesticides are designed to kill the insects that feast on the crops. But even if you wash members of the Dirty Dozen… this does not help. The pesticide is absorbed into the skin and flesh as the fruit or vegetable grows.

The best way to avoid the pesticides is to either eat organic or stop eating these foods altogether (more about this in a moment).

But these foods are just the tip of the toxic iceberg!

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