Good Air Quality Promotes Healing In Breast Cancer Patients

Article written by : Jennifer Olive

Poor indoor air quality may be linked with breast cancer, according to a study that was published in the Current Epidemiology Reports journal. Luckily, indoor air quality is something that you will be able to improve, just by making some quick and convenient changes. When you do boost indoor air quality, you’ll limit your exposure to toxins that may be carcinogenic. Breathing clean indoor air will complement your holistic and spiritual breast cancer treatment plan

Get rid of scented products

Not all scented products are bad, but some emit volatile organic compounds, which are also known as VOCs. To be on the safe side, get rid of strongly-scented items, such as air fresheners, hairsprays, cleaning products and perfumes. Volatile organic chemicals may be carcinogenic, according to the EPA. Examples of strongly-scented products that may contain VOCs include permanent markers, cleaning supplies containing chlorine bleach, and some paints. These examples really just scratch the surface, so learning about toxic VOCs and staying away from scented products that release them will be smart strategy. Aim to reduce exposure to chemical compounds that might exacerbate your health issues, and go for organic and unscented products instead. If you’re not sure if there are VOCs in your indoor air, you may want to bring in a pro to do some VOC testing. 

Use the right type of vacuum

Contaminants that rest in carpeting or on top of hard flooring tend to end up contributing to poor indoor air quality. When you select a vacuum that is equipped with a HEPA filter, your vacuum will filter out an array of fine particulates that might be negatively impacting your health. Look for a HEPA filter vacuum that works on carpeting and hard flooring, because it will be more versatile. In general, hard flooring is going to trap fewer allergens and contaminants than carpeting, so you may want to consider getting rid of your carpeting and switching to hardwood floors or another type of hard flooring. In the meantime, vacuum frequently, because the HEPA filter in your vacuum will improve indoor air quality.

Invest in an air purifier

This device may also be called an air cleaner, and it will take contaminants out of indoor air. You can find devices that are portable, which you move from room to room. An air purifier will remove particulate matter, including viruses, smoke and mold spores, as well as pollutants of the gaseous type, such as adhesives and varnishes. These gaseous pollutants generally contain VOCs. 

Interior air quality is more important than we often realize, so it’s worth analyzing the quality of your home’s air. If air quality isn’t the best, it may be making it harder to heal. Improve air quality now to give your body the best fighting chance.