About me


It has been almost 15 years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and metastasis into a lymph node. I am a cancer survivor, yet, I did not undergo any chemotherapy or radiation. It is time to tell my story.   

I have been married to Bruce for 34 years and we have a wonderful son Jonathan, who is now 30. I love them both deeply and their well being is very important to me.

I have done many things in my life from teaching high school maths to buying fashion items for a big department store. I’ve also been involved with investing in property  and business administration. Writing and being a blogger is new to me but I see it as the next  phase of my journey in this life.  I feel that sharing my journey to healing has become most  important in a day and age where cancers and disease, have become more prevalent than ever.

Food and alternate health has been my passion for the last 34 years. The two main reasons for this are, my search for a long term solution for the severe chronic eczema that I used to suffer from, as well as the management and healing of my son’s allergies. After the diagnosis of cancer 15 years ago this search has had to be intensified.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I discovered the lump in my breast in January 2008. At that stage my husband was very ill with mercury poisoning and I couldn’t tell anyone about it except God.  Bruce recovered towards the last quarter of the year and we decided that I needed to have it checked out. During my ultra sound and mammogram examination it was discovered that there was not only a breast lump of 2 cm but also a further 2 cm enlarged lymph node. I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma and metastatic carcinoma of the lymph node in January 2009.

My Treatment Options

It was a huge shock to me. How could it be?  In my understanding, at the time, I was eating “right”, exercising regularly, was lean, never smoked or drank alcohol, and, was not on hormone replacement therapy (HRT ). The question was: “What was I doing wrong?

I decided to follow an alternate natural approach to heal from the cancer. The Surgeon who did the excision biopsy phoned me a few times to try convince me to follow the conventional route of surgery with chemotherapy and radiation. She said I would die within 5 years if I refused conventional treatment but, at the same time, could only guarantee me 5 years of life if I would do the treatment. I decided against it because I was very aware of the terrible side effects from chemo and radiation. I knew that it attacks all the cells in the body, not just the cancer cells, and leaves you with a weakened immune system. Furthermore, the side effects from the chemo could last up to 2 years, which reduces one’s chances of living a normal life. My son was only 14 then and I was determined to be actively involved in his upbringing. This wouldn’t be possible if I was recovering from the side effects.

After the diagnosis, I spent an important period of time doing self refection and searching for answers. I learned that on our journey here on earth, we have to take care of body, mind and spirit to experience a healthy body. Our cells are influenced by our emotions and thoughts and not just the treatments we undergo and the food we eat.

God in the equation

I am a Christian and my faith in God as my “Father” played an important role then and still today. I got to understand and experience the “Love of  God”  at a different level during my healing journey. The belief that God would keep me alive and well until I had fulfilled my purpose was important for my healing.

I am so thankful for all the people and circumstances that were brought on my path, which always seemed to be amazingly timely. On reflection, it seems to me, that in life there are no coincidences. Looking back at my healing journey I am amazed at how God provided for every need (or treatment). Today, I don’t just feel more energetic than I felt 10 years ago, but the cancer lumps have disappeared, and the chronic eczema has also cleared up.

Spreading the Word

More people today are diagnosed with cancer and accepting without questioning that conventional treatment is their only option. Many suffer severe side effects or even die. This has stirred me to write a book and start this blog. I want others to know that “You do have options”.

The time is ripe for those of us who have managed to overcome cancer naturally to let the world know of our journeys.  You don’t have to go through harsh and inhumane treatments when it is possible to heal through natural and alternate ways.  In this way you can be healing from cancer and still living a normal energetic life.

I continued with all my normal activities while using alternate and natural methods to heal my body.  In actual fact I experienced an increase in energy as the months went by. Within eight months after being diagnosed I felt so well that I could plan and enjoy a holiday aboard in Spain and the UK. I also experienced the added benefit of my eczema clearing up.

This Blog

In this blog I am going to share the many healing methods I used on my journey to overcome breast cancer as well as some of the latest research on various health issues. My son always teases me by asking ,”So is that what  the latest research says….”, when I share my latest discoveries of how to improve health.

I want to inspire every one that is concerned about their health whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or just want to prevent it – It is possible for your body to heal itself when you give it the right ingredients and treatment.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and feel free to comment and subscribe.