The aim of my healing journey was not only to lengthen my life but also to have quality of life, even while I was in the process of healing. I was diagnosed in January 2009 with breast cancer which had metastasized into one of the lymph nodes under my arm. I was told by the doctor, I had probably 5 years to live if I did not undertake the conventional treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. After witnessing the effects of chemotherapy in my mom, I was reluctant to follow the same treatment. After researching the pros and cons of alternate treatment, I made the decision to set out on a journey less travelled. I was determined to live . My son was only 15 years old and I didn’t want him to grow up without a mother. I had to search hard to gain understanding of what it would take to restore health in my body. I discovered that to heal cancer naturally, a holistic approach has to be taken. I learned that I needed to give attention to not only the body but also the mind (emotions), soul and spirit. It was very important for me to realise that cancer is as a result of a compromised immune system and to overcome it, this would need to be rectified. Through this journey, I achieved more than just physical healing. I also experience a tremendous amount of self growth and emotional healing. I can truly say that at 61 I am more energetic and comfortable in my body and mind now, than I was at 45. In this book I share every step of the healing process in detail. Furthermore, the healing modalities that I used are accompanied by research, citations and scientific studies. Some of the healing modalities discussed in the book are:

• How high dose intravenous vitamin C kills cancer cells.

• The importance of a vegan diet for 6-9 months.

• My daily anti cancer diet as well as my evolved anti- cancer diet.

• Cleansing the body from toxins and parasites using herbs, saunas and coffee enemas.

• Methods to encourage lymph drainage such as self massage, saunas and exercise.

• The connection between iodine and cancer.

• How to heal the gut.

• Why healing your emotions are vital to healing cancer.

• Importance of faith, prayer, counselling, laughter, singing and music.

By sharing my journey, I hope to show that cancer can be healed through natural alternate methods.